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Fireplace Mantels

We carry a wide selection of beautiful wood and natural stone fireplace mantels. Fireplace mantels can also be custom made to different architectural styles, sizes, and finishes. We also sell fireplace mantel shelves that can create a simple enhancement to a fireplace, and allow a decorative trim to an area that may be restricted. Shown here are just a few samples of the many fireplace mantels and fireplace mantel shelves we carry.

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Chesney's Burlington
Chesney's Dakota
Chesney’s Alhambra
Chesney’s Coral
Chesney’s Marseille
Chesney’s Meridian
Chesney’s Metro
Chesney’s Soane Pattern III
Chesney's Odeon
Chesney's Gaumont
Natural Wood Silver
Rustic Barn Wood
Chiseled Stone
Mortise Barn Beam
Natural Wood Brown
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